Studio Policies

Studio Policies

COVID Policy

Hello Parents,

It goes without saying that we are about to begin a very unique fall term.  I have been carefully following the literature that has been provided by the NS Department of Health while formulating my plan for our classes this year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  This is a plan that is very much in flux as the future unfolds.  

As it stands now, I will be following the lead of the Department of Education and re-opening the studio for in person lessons.  That being said, this will not be a return to normal and if you would rather continue with on-line learning, that is always an option.  If you would like to partake in in-person lessons, you will be required to sign a liability waiver.  With a studio of 70 students from all different areas of HRM, it is important that we are taking steps to ensure their safety.

In order to keep us all healthy and safe I will be ensuring the following:

  • Students are not to come to class if they, or someone in their house, are presenting symptoms.  The lesson will instead be conducted online. If a student comes in presenting symptoms, they will be immediately sent home.

  • I will not be teaching if I am presenting symptoms.  Lessons will instead be conducted online.

  • Students are not permitted to arrive early or stay in the studio once the lesson is over.  

  • Parents and Guardians are not permitted in the studio.  All communication will be done online. 

  •  MYC classes will be conducted without parent participation, however, weekly videos will be provided to provide practice support.

  • Upon arrival at the studio, all students must wash their hands properly.  If, at any time, students touch their face, they will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

  • All keyboards, instruments and high traffic surfaces (such as doorknobs) will be sanitized after each student.

  • The washroom will be cleaned twice per day.

  • Private Students are expected to bring their own pencils and will be taking their own lesson notes.  I will also be writing these notes on My Music Staff.

  • MYC students will be provided with their own pencil, crayons and instruments to use each class. These will be stored individually and used only by them.  Weekly homework will be posted online.

Policies for Private students

  • A piano or touch-sensitive keyboard is required at home.
    • All students are required to their music books and binder to each lesson.
      • Parents are always welcome to sit in on their child’s lesson.
      • Parking is available on the street in front of the house.  Please refrain from parking in the driveway.
      • Please arrive on time to pick up your child.   Once the child leaves the studio I can no longer assume responsibility for their safety as I will be teaching the next class.

Practice Expectations

I expect children to be prepared for each lesson and to have made weekly progress on all parts of the assignment. This requires a commitment to practicing the piano at home each day. Practice times will vary throughout the year depending on our goals and projects. As a guide, parents should ensure that children practice at least 5 days each week. Consistent daily practice is the key to long-term success.

  • Age 5-7: 20 minutes daily. This age group requires parent supervision during every practice session.
    • Age 8-9: 30 minutes daily
      • Age 10-13: 45 minutes daily
      • Age 14 and up: 60 minutes daily

Tuition fees and payments

  • Tuition fees are for 40 sessions.  These sessions include 37 in studio lessons, 1 performance at a seniors home and 2 recitals.
    • Occasionally I may offer students the opportunity to participate in extra performance classes if they are participating in the music festivals or other events.  These are not included in the tuition fee.

Missed Lessons

At least 24 hours notice is required if you must cancel a lesson. Lessons may only be rescheduled if you provide more than 24 hours notice and availability allows. If I need to cancel for any reason, your lesson will be rescheduled or your fees will be adjusted. Last minute cancellations and no-shows will not be made up. If a rescheduled lesson is cancelled, another make-up lesson will not be rescheduled.

Important Dates & Holidays :: A list of important dates and holidays for the current teaching year can be found on the website. Fees are pro-rated based on these holidays into an equal monthly amount and will not be adjusted for partial teaching months (usually September, December, March, and June).

  • I will be holding lessons on storm days. Please use your own discretion when deciding to attend or not. Alternately I will offer lessons over Skype or facetime.
    • There will be no refunds or make-up classes if your child misses a class but homework will be given over e-mail or the phone.
      • It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the teacher for missed work.
      • There is a 2 week period at the end of the year for make up classes.  These classes are to be primarily used for classes missed by myself. If this is not necessary they are to be used to make up classes missed due to storm days.   If these one or both of these extra lessons are not needed for myself or due to weather, students may use the remaining classes for make-ups for themselves. Please contact me if you will be missing a class.  I will not give make-ups for classes missed with no notice.
      • If I need to cancel more than 2 lessons in a year I will offer an alternate lesson time as a makeup.  If a lesson time cannot be found I will offer a refund.


  • If you decide to withdraw from music classes one months written notice is required. The tuition for that month is due. No refunds will be given for missed classes.


Moving and Transfers

  • If you are moving or wish to transfer to another teacher, I will gladly assist you in finding a new teacher.


There will be a group performance class during the last week of classes in December.

We will be having 2 recitals throughout the year.

  •  a composition recital in the spring
  •  a year end concert in June